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Dustin Paseur appointed to Judgeship

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Serving as Municipal Court Judge for the City of New Hope allows Dustin to give back to his community.

Being a lifelong member of the New Hope community fills me with pride, and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to serve as the Municipal Court Judge for the City of New Hope. Upon my appointment in 2016, I have assumed this role with dedication and passion and strive to uphold a sense of fairness and integrity to this position.

“Nothing is more important to our society than the protection of each of the Constitutional rights of our citizens. Protection of these treasured rights is the only way to ensure accountability under the law.”

Being a judge allows me to excel in my private practice of law, as it affords me the unique experience of being able to objectively review the facts of a case from both sides and to determine the strengths and weaknesses of arguments, the direct implication of the rules of criminal procedure, as well as the impact the law has on persons charged, and convicted, of crimes. Along with presiding over new charges, I have also implemented a Review Docket, wherein I can track the progress of each person in the event they are sentenced to a term of probation. For example, as part of their sentence, a person charged with domestic violence assault may be sentenced to complete an anger management program. During their case review, I am able to determine the direct effect of this program on the defendant in order to assess the program's advantages as well as any positive changes realized in the defendant.

Special Probate Court Judge - Madison County

In 2016, I was also appointed by the Hon. Alan Mann, Presiding Circuit Court Judge, 23rd Judicial Circuit of Alabama, to serve as Special Probate Court Judge for Madison County. My duties include filling in for Probate Court Judge Tommy Ragland in his absence. On numerous occasions, I am afforded the opportunity to preside over involuntary commitment hearings. While I primarily serve as guardian ad litem in involuntary commitment hearings, and occasionally serve as the attorney for the advocate in these hearings, presiding over these hearings as Judge allows me to be in the unique position of being the only attorney who has seen involuntary commitment proceedings from all three sides.

The mental health system in our country, our state, and especially our community, is in a state of crisis. Consumers of our mental health system deserve the very best attention we can provide, and as an attorney and judge, I am committed to providing my best efforts to their care and well being. If you have a family member, friend or loved one struggling with mental health issues, contact me today to discuss the help that is available.

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